Story Zines

Story zines: including monologues, comics, the journal of a travelling circus and short stories. All different, but all zines exploring the world through roughly fictional means.

The Ferry To France

Two friends take the ferry to France on their way to join a New Year's party. Bucking against a salty cabin fever they sneak in to the cinema, play frisbee on the deck and eat some croissants.

This is the first straight forward story zine. A short story of about 2,000 words reformatted into pages which are half an A5, which would make it A6 I guess. Started selling these at the Shef Zine Fest 16.3.13 at the cost of £1. The first run of 20 have all been sold now and will be printing some more off soonish.

The Edge Of The Universe Travelling Circus

This was made during my year in Germany as Christmas presents for the kids in my class, and also to post back to England. It documents the life of a travelling circus who happened to be visiting Wurzburg during my time there. It features diary extracts, scraps from their notebooks, some drawings and some heavily doodled-upon pictures of the city. I never got to the bottom of it myself but towards the end of their stay one of the members of the circus, Columbo, was mysteriously kidnapped and the only witness at the scene was Samson the cat. We'll all have to keep our eyes peeled for them and also for Issue Two.

The Trial and Escape of G√ľnter Wilhelm Sterntaler

Also made during my time in Germany, this was a 24 hour zine, which means that everything was created and produced within the time of just 24 hours. The story is told from the perspective of some of the many many statues covering Wurzburg and is about Gunter's role in a small-scale protest turned to violent riot. I went around taking pictures of the various statues the first afternoon, thought about the story in the evening, slept on it a fair bit, then printed and penned in the story the next morning.

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