Sunday, 14 August 2016

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We're taking over Sheffield Print Club!

We've got some huge, and very exciting, news...

From 1st September 2016, we're taking over Sheffield Print Club!

Sheffield Print Club is an open access screen printing studio, located in the heart of Sheffield. Sheffield Print Club empowers everyone to get creative by providing open access printing facilities and running regular screen printing workshops, which are suitable for all abilities and ages. Anyone can use Sheffield Print Club's facilities - which include exposure units, screen beds, inks, paper, and all the other kit you need to get printing! - for a very low price.

Sheffield Print Club was founded three years ago by Jane and Laurence, who have put a huge amount of work into establishing this amazing and accessible community space. However, due to other commitments, Jane and Laurence are having to leave Sheffield Print Club.

Sarah and David outside our new home!

We're thrilled to announce that we're therefore going to take over running the space! We're delighted that we can help continue Jane and Laurence's amazing work, by providing people across Sheffield an accessible community space where they can print, meet, and create. And we hope that we can help Sheffield Print Club continue to grow and develop.

We have lots of exciting plans for what we'd like to do at Sheffield Print Club - though our first few months will be a case of settling into our new home, getting to know the space and the community around it, and continuing Jane and Laurence's incredible work.

For the moment, we can confirm that we will continue to run monthly screen printing workshops (take a look at Sheffield Print Club's current programme here!), have regular open access hours (we plan on being open 3 - 4 days a week), and will continue all the other great creative services that Sheffield Print Club currently offers, such as cleaning, coating, and exposing screens.

We'll also start offering other printing facilities - such as letterpress workshops, using our beautiful 1930s Adana letterpress - and much more besides. So we hope to see lots of you there soon!

Learn how to design and print your own, beautiful, designs

The Edge of the Universe Printing Press will continue to exist as its own, separate, organisation. We'll keep building on the work we've been doing for the last three years, by offering open and accessible writingself-publishing, andprinting workshops and services. Though we'll run some workshops out of Sheffield Print Club's space, we'll continue to be mobile, able to travel to the people and communities who need us. Our core focus is on inclusivity,accessibility, and education. We'll continue to work closely with a huge variety of educational organisations (from schools, colleges and universities, to community groups, lifelong learning schemes, and workplace-based training) to help empower people to develop their skills, confidence, and creativity. We'll also work with other cultural, community, and third sector organisations to help them bring writing, publishing and print to the people!

We move into Sheffield Print Club on 1st September. Until then, it's business as usual for the Edge of the Universe team! Don't forget that we're holding one of our ever-popular Try Out Screen Printing! events at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen on Saturday 20 August. Drop in between 11am - 3pm to try out crafting and printing your own design! We'll provide paper to print on, but feel free to bring your own tee shirts and totes (and tea towels, and pillow cases, and hoodies...!) to print onto as well. As always, Try Out Screen Printing! will run on a pay what you want donations basis.

The Facebook event for Try Out Screen Printing! is here:
Create your own whale-y great designs at our Try Out Screen Printing! event

We hope to see lots of you at Sheffield Print Club soon. Follow us on Facebook / Twitter for announcements of our first workshops and events!

Yours in excitement,

The Edge of the Universe Printing Press team x​


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